Monday, October 18, 2010

Viajando Covadonga

So once again let me apologize for the long over due updates.  By now I´m thinking everyone is getting sick and tired of me never posting and then when I do writing a small novel but hey what can I say... These past few weeks have been busy and when I try to update either the cafe has been closed or I´ve had internet issues.  Either way I´m sorry and I promise to try to update with more frequence.

This is Covadonga, an extremely important part of Spanish history.  And because we Americans had no idea what it was our professor thought a good trip would be for us to go visit.  Without boring your socks off I´m going to give you the abr. version and if you want to wikipedia the history later be my guest.  When the Moores were invading Spain pretty much all of Spain fell.  The only part left was the mountains of the far north aka Cantabria (where I study) and to the west a region called Asturias.  The leader of the remaining forces was this dude named Pelayo (just follow me for a second).  When they were looking for a place to gather there forces and fight the Moores they thought this place looked good.  So as story has it Pelayo went up to this cave and prayed to the Virgin Mary for victory.  The next day Pelayo led the Spanish forces to victory.  This is important because Pelayo eventually became the first king of what is now Spain and it marks the beginging of the reconquista of Spain from the Arabs.

This is the back of the Church, the actual site of the cave where Pelayo prayed.  I couldnt get a picture of the Virgin Mary because there are actual pilgrams that are there and I felt pretty bad but hey this is a pretty good picture if I do say so myself.
At the bottom of the cave is a fountain which, supposedly if you drink out of all 7 spouts you will be married within the year.  I gave it a try but dont hold your breath... unfortunatly idk how to get those pictures of me drinking out of the fountain to the blog but just check out the f book for details.

After we visited Covadonga we went the lakes up in the mountains.  I cannot tell you how amazing they were, you just have to be there.  Honestly the pictures do not do it justice at all.  Lets just say it was like Montana or some other rocky state but it also had a European feeling because cows were all over the roads and stuff.  Loved it- end of story
Unfortunatly I was going to post about Barcelona as well. A trip I took with some of my friends on this trip but I do not have the time, or the euro to do it at this point.  I know this blog post is weak but I´m going to write again tomorrow so stay tuned.  And in the mean time I have tons of more pictures on fbook of my trip to Covadonga!


  1. MARK! I love you and I love reading your blog and I wish I was there with you SO BAD! looks like your having an amazing time! cant wait to read your next post! :)

  2. FUN FUN FUN! miss and love you! :)

  3. let me just go ahead and say it... I miss spelled ¨Moors¨ I wish I could say I did it because I´m getting so deep into Spanish I´m forgeting English but I´m just dumb


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