Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 45

Before I start this post I wanna show a few more pictures from Barcelona.  I kinda got side tracked last post and completely ran out of time so here are a few pictures from a resturant we ate at- its the skyline of Barcelona and I really liked them...

Ok well today is day 45 of my trip which completely blows my mind because it means I´m offically half way done.  By no means do I feel like I just got here but at the same time I feel like I have not been here for a long time at all.  Its wierd how time can work like that sometimes.  But I was thinking about what to post here and decided that instead of filling everyone in on two trips I´ve been on since I´ve updated last I would show you pictures of where I live to fill you in a little bit more about my day to day life in Santander.
So this is my building. Not exactly easy on the eyes, I know.  I live on the first floor, on the left side.  Actually you can see my window- its the outside window in the middle of the "V" being made by the slant in the building.
As you walk in the thresh-hold (one word? two words? who knows I decided to play it safe with a "-") of the house you got a long hall.  I have pictures of the rooms but first I thought you would like me to talk you through where each room is.  First you got my bathoom on the right and mi madres bathroom on the left.  After that you have a guest room on the second door on the left and the kitchen second door on the right.  The third door on the left is my room and the third on the right is my padres room.  He works in Sevilla and only comes home for the weekend every 15 days.  I really havnt figured out there relationship and I dont ask so I´ll just call him my padre for now.  After my room and his room we have the living room and mi madre´s room which is off of the living room.  I´ve never seen it before so just imagine what it looks like because your guess is as good as mine!

This thing is on the right when you walk through the front door.  Idk why its important but my madre insisted I take a picture of it, so, here it is...

This is the guest room on the left.  When my madre has her grandkids over they stay here.

This is my bathroom, nothing to exciting and since space is at a premium there isnt much room to move around.  Usually she keeps stuff in the tub and I move it when I take my one shower of the day.

This is the kitchen and as you can see its not very large and the actually keep the table pushed up against one of the walls.  When I eat I almost always eat by myself and my madre eats with a tray in the living room.  Dont ask me why.  The washing machine is TINY and can only fit like two or three things in it.  No dryer, we hang our stuff outside.  As for the fridge its in the right corner but you cant see it-sorry.
Ok this is my room.  As you can see just as spotless as my one at home.  My bed is small but pretty comfortable and the last picture is of where I keep all my stuff.  Its perfect because I can hang all my jackets up and have a little dresser for my other clothes.  The othe picture is of Justin.  The kid that came and lived with my madre before me that I´m pretty sure my madre is in love with.  She constantly talks about him and all this stuff and I feel like I´m living in this kids shadow! haha  I dont really mind it I just kinda think its funny. They actually still stay in touch and write each other.
Ok so this is the living room and if you havnt guessed the theme of this house yet let me spell it out for you... SMALL.  Its as small as the picture makes you think but I really enjoy it its pretty comfortable.  If I had to guess I would say my madre spends about 80 percent of her waking time in the chair in the far courner across from the tv just watching w.e is on. So needles to say this room smells like smoke and at times its even cloudy.  I try to keep the door shut to limit my chances of getting cancer through second hand smoke haha

So thats a quick run down of my house.  I live at the bottom of a street off of one of the two major streets in Santander- General Davilla and this is what it would look like if you walked out of my front door and up the hill to the main street, in both directions.

stay tuned for more of my life... I know this post was boring but I felt like it was about time


  1. I'm glad you posted this! It will be much easier for me to picture what you're doing over there now! It looks pretty nice, honestly. Small, maybe, but a lot nicer than it could have been! And your madre looks really cute! Can't believe you're halfway done. See you in December!

  2. Yay! I was wanting you to show us your life in Santander! It looks very nice-minus the smoke! I can't believe you're only half way through. I hope the second half goes by faster than the first (for me at least)since I can't wait to have you back home! Love you! xoxo

  3. Aw it's so cute! I think it looks cozy and comfortable! I would die if I lived with someone who smoked, bleh, I don't know how you stand it! Your room is cute too, I love the picture of us you put up on your dresser...oh wait...

    just kidding! MISS YOU!! can't wait to see what else your up to!


  4. i loved this post! It wasn't boringggg! I like seeing where you live, tu madre looks very nice! I don't understand how you live with a smoker either though, ew! I hope all your clothes don't smell like that when you come home! I miss you so much! love you!

  5. Good post. Not boring at all. Keep them coming!


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