Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ten Finger Count Down...

So its offical.
 I´m almost home. I can offically count down the days until I leave Spain on my fingers (hence the title) and I´m actually getting pretty upset. I mean I´m ready to go home but wow, its been quite a ride.
Again, I´m sorry this has taken me so long to update, and this will probably be my last post because i´m going to talk about quite a lot and idk if I´m going to have a computer in madrid.

This is a pic of Bilbao

So first things first, two weeks ago (wow its been a while since I´ve updated haha) all 20 of us Americans wen to Bilbao.  Its the Capital of País Vasco, which hopefully rings a bell to a few of yall because of the ETA.  They are a terrorist group in País Vasco trying to push for independence in the region.  País Vasco has there own language and its not connected to any langauge in the world.  So they have a lot of pride in that area.  Anyway, when we were there we went to a modern art musuem The Guggenheim and that was really cool even though I´m not really into modern art.  There was a floor of "suspence" and "darkness" and it was really cool because it really did make your hair stand up looking at these wierd works of art of like faces being cut out of magazines and stuff. I´ve posted a few pictures above and I have a few more below but there wasnt really much to see because you cant take pictures inside the musuem but the outside looks cool!

This is the Musuem, as you can see it looks kinda "modern arty"

Dont ask my why because I dont get it but these steps are supposed to be really artsy and cool because of the way they are designed...

Dog made out of flowers.  Enough said.

The next week I got to go to ROME and it was amazing.  Let me tell you.  I left on a Wed. but unfortunatly before I went i got really sick and was running an 104 fever.  I didnt eat for 3 days and I honestly think I lost about 10 lbs.  I dont have many pictures of myself because I legit look gaunt. But here are a few of the pictures of the city
This is close to where I stayed, with a friends family, the Mays, who honestly are some of the best people I know.  I hadn´t seen Mr. or Mrs. May in three years because they live in Rome but they honestly made me feel extremely welcome and Mrs. May out did herself with all the food she cooked.  We also got to go to Rachels (Lauren Mays little sister) school Christmas bazaar thing.  I bought dad some legit EVOO aka Extra Virgin Olive Oil which I hope he enjoys.

Trevi Fountain.  Throwing two coins behind your back is good luck here... or something like that.

From the top of the Spanish Steps.

Mrs May called this the "wedding Cake building" because she thought it looked like a wedding cake.  Its actually the government building that houses the dept of historical treasures aka monuments and stuff.

Me on top of the cake building, about to get yelled at because,if you can see behind me, the reath for the tomb of the unknown soldier which happens to be at the top.

So thats my trips.  Kate who is another person who went on the trip to rome with me has pictures of the Mays house which I wish I could post from fbook but I dont know how, and she also has pictures of Lauren Mays sister who 1. looks exactly like her and 2. went and showed me and Kate around at night to get a feel of the nightlife.

Three small rants while I still have your attention...
1.  I got to stay with the Mays in Rome and because Mr. May works for the Government he gets military privilage aka they gets to shop at the military store which has all American food.  Lets just say I spent my mornings and nights noshing on chewy bars, real cereal (lucky charms to be exact) and milk, and eating any other American food I could get my hands on.  That, tied with that fact that I could watch American TV and there house smelling like there house from the States it was an amazing feeling of being home.  It was so wierd stepping outside and being in Rome when, I was inside, it felt like Charlotte.

2. Its rained in Santander for 14 days straight now, and i´m not talking a little rain I´m talking POURING.  My friend Chris was joking that when he was walking home the other day from school he kept thinking something was differnt but couldnt put his finger on what it was.  Finally he realized it was that the pavement was dry and it had been so long since he had seen dry pavement it looked wierd!  Not only is it raining but its COLD.  Today its 5 degrees C or about 40 degrees F.  Thats without wind chill.  But for some strange reason it was thundering and lightening today also? complete with LOTS of hail.  I tryed to take a picture but it doesnt do it justice.
3.I´m sorry the pictures suck, its freezing cold outside and I have to stand holding my I-touch facing some appartment to get WiFi, and in the freezing cold its not my thing.  For some reason most of my pictures wont upload. so thats all I have for you, as of now. I hope you have enjoyed my little adventure.


  1. I can't believe you're almost done! You really have had some crazy experiences there. I'm so glad you got to go to Rome. That must have been so nice! Can't wait for you to come home! : )

  2. Rome sounded amazing! I bet you LOVED that! Only 9 days till your home and celebrating christmas with all of us! yayyy! :)

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